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Whether you're wearing black, white or a bright print, we think nude is the best shade for your undergarments. While we do wear black bras regularly, it's been years since we've worn a white bra; most days you'll find us in nude. A Nude Lingerie&Sleepwear that actually supports your whole summer perfectly. Anyway, the color nude means different things to every woman. Lingerie shades in the line vary widely to include tones for medium- to dark-skinned women. From push-up and T-shirt bras to matching panties and tights, more women will be able to own underwear that blends with their skin. Nude-colored lingerie&sleepwear are a staple in a lot of women’s closets. Yet more often than not, "nude" has come to represent exclusively light shades in the human body's wide spectrum of skin tones.