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Perhaps quite a lot of people are not very familiar with polyester. So here comes a question, what is polyester? How does it make? As a matter of fact, polyester is a kind of chemical compound and it is widely used in many industrial fields. And polyester is also used in clothing manufacturing and accessories making. Compared with traditional natural fiber, polyester fabrics have two coins. Although polyester scarf is quite similar to silk or chiffon scarf due to its smoothness and colorful prints, it is different from them a lot. One the one hand, polyester fabrics have many merits over traditional natural fiber, such as more wrinkle-resistant, more easy-to-wash and more durable than natural fibers. One the other hand, polyester has its own weakness, that is, less breathable than natural fabrics like silk and chiffon pieces. As a synthetic material, polyester has gradually gained its popularity in the scarf world. Multiple colors, exquisite designs, shining patterns,cheap cost and durable washing are attractive features that polyester fabrics are widely applied in scarves. Check our mass selection of polyester fabric with fabulous quality. If you are looking for gorgeous and stunning printed polyester scarves, then you are in the right place!