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Floral pattern refers to use flowers or plants materials to create a balanced romantic and pleasing composition. When we talk about the word ‘floral’, the first thing that comes in mind is blooming season, yes, that is spring. Spring is a season of blossom and it is a colorful season. Girls like to dress in different colors and different styles in such a beautiful season. Floral design bring flowers into 3 dimension in reality. But now, floral is not just limited in spring. More and more fashion designers bring floral elements into other season, like summer and autumn. We can also be eye-catching glamorous and colorful in different seasons. A light and sweet floral scarf will be a good choice for gloomy cold winter days. Beautiful flowers cannot bloom all season long, but we can see beneath its beautiful and make it stay with us forever. Floral trend won’t fade these years, instead, it still continues its irresistible momentum from spring to summer, autumn and winter. How to wear floral scarf? The brighter, the better. The most delicate of floral scarf is perfectly matched with proper tops and pant. Also, a pretty dress is always preferred.