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Gold is one of the most brilliant color, it belongs to the color of sun, it represents warmth and happiness. since ancient times, gold is always equal to luxury, decoration, ornate, elegant, sporting and honor. Especially in the 21st century, many aspects of these can reflect the personality of its location. E.g: apparel and so on, golden costumes tend to be applied to the celebration when the dress or party in the evening, so that the wearer can catch everyone’s attention. In daily life, how to wear elegant gold dress, it is a kind of dress art. About clothing aspect, the most insurance color scheme is: the golden with brown, white, silver. Also apricot, beige is very harmonious mix with gold. These color can make you feel calm, calm, rustic. White with gold, is a set of transparency color. Golden belt also can present the personality and fashion of the modern women! I do not think that fashionable women can resist its lure,if you wear black tights skirts inner, outer with looser golden outer jacket, and then you can not only bring out the golden eye-catching, but also will hide some parts of your short. So it is necessary for fashionable women to own gold beltes, to show their personality and beauty!