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Brown, has a certain of vitality, it is passive, Rich color sensitivity. About the color of the belt, it also has many points. First,it is a kind of Difficult color to define; Brown is often very difficult to define, it seems to be blurry. Brown is any color between red and yellow, it belongs to moderate and light red. Brown is often thought of the earth, natural, simple. It gives us a kind of reliable and healthy feeling. Otherwise, it was considered to be somewhat unclear, but may be transformed through the use of bright colors. Second, about the personality of like brown; Someone like brown, mostly there is a collective sense of dependence. In their minds, collectively account for a large position. They want warmth, care, urgent desire and a peaceful environment. This color is more suitable for the beauty of middle-aged women, can better show their charm. Last, the way to collocate Brown belt; Brown is a neutral color, to match the brown color, it often tends to wear Consistent Color. Brown belts can better reflect the brown dress and express your elegant. To Make your skin appear to be lighter. So, rational use of brown belt with your dress, is able to shine your personality.