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Green can be expressed as calm, relaxed and happy, serene and demure. The mood is very stable, comfortable and contribute to a healthy recovery. Of course, this is only a small part of itself. Light green is a symbol of happiness and pleasure! Imagine if you wear on it? So you can be happily as green, just like a lively elf, the most significant of Green is its owning life. In fashion, Green also has a its irreplaceable position, because of itself connotation, many fashion designers are also keen to design some green clothing, we can enjoy the beauty of green in fashion show. You can say that, green brings for women is not only a symbol of beautiful color,but also It is an expression of femininity media. And green represents the natural color, under repression in the modern city, green can maximize cut down human pressure. So we said: learn to use the green belt with clothing, it can not only show your charm, but also will win other’s attention! So why not do it? I believe that all the beautiful women will not refuse the green belts. Therefore, choosing a beautiful belt is also imperative.