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Collarless blazers surrounded by casual, elegant and eclectic personalities are different from the collar blazers in their bully and rigid. Today I will share some experience of collarless blazers collocation and I hope it would be useful for you. It must be pointed out that red collarless blazers with white shirts and beige cropped trousers will ideally show the female intellectual beauty. White collarless blazers with light red skirt is an unbeatable combination of business attire. The female beauty without bound is always ready for the outbreak of passion to face holiday syndrome. This is my favorite collocation when I go to work. What is releasing quietly is the female romantic atmosphere when dark blue collarless blazers run into dark blue skirts. White shirt with standing collar is incomparable purity. This collocation belongs to the engaging type. The beige collarless blazers with brown skirt is blowing in the wind when walking, which can not move people’s eye sight. This kind of collocation reveal a woman’s calm and safe after traveling, making people curious about the stories on her.