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Yellow sandals embodied somewhat low-key temperament, like summer afternoon rural fields, quiet, but meaning fragrant flower, yellow sandals crystal glass containing a bud Man suddenly life, and flashing trace gorgeous fashion, advanced leather touch. Yellow sandals embodied a kind of wisdom, honor, loyalty, hope, joy, light, which has the nature, the sun, meaning spring, and is generally considered a happy and hopeful colors. Yellow sandals can be based on the principles of some color to match to match, as the dark hue with yellow color is very good, it can greatly illuminated a black design, and can have similar red and orange that do not add crude it can attract the attention of the effect. Yellow sandals with blue is a popular combination, for a low-key blue color can wake up to create a high-contrast, and purple is not the color yellow, but also a high-contrast combinations, so you can choose the blue dress to match your yellow sandals.