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Motorcycle bags are sprung up in United States in the late 19th century. At the time of punk trend worldwide, the United States motorcyclists' girlfriends like carrying motorcycle bags. The name of the reason is because people can also drive with single hand when riding scooter.Unique leather, stitching, metal buckle, zipper, handwork leather are important characteristics of the motorcycle bags. French brand BALENCIAGA motorcycle bags with its straightforward rock style are popular in Hollywood stars. The design of Motorcycle Bags is between androgynous style and lady Style. The motorcycle bag with metal ring and the rope with various amorous feelings, which show individual character is dye-in-the-wood nostalgic punk style. The simple and romantic appearance resembles a modern and fashionable sheila , showing various amorous feelings with laugh and eyes. As the society and economy develop at a fast pace, young people with a motorcycle bag is a wise choice. This year, the nifty feeling of motorcycle bags still attracts countless fashion women. As long as it is cool or more lively personality people can easily find their own color. The motorcycle's sizes have large (WORK), medium (CITY), small (FIRST), weekend, MINI, especially in size of medium. Classic shape, variety color, practical accessories, they are all its charm.