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Wrap blouses, also known as surplice tops, can have a bad (excuse the pun) rap. Long sleeved, exaggerated cuffs, replete with a huge bow at the waist, make us think of the go-to evening option for women gliding into their golden years. But times change, and so do the iterations of specific types of clothing — thankfully. Right now we’re loving how current wrap blouses are. Made by hip retailers and designers like Free People and Derek Lam, they’re skewing more fashionable and versatile than ever before. They’re about to be our go-to for day-to-night looks. And if mom (or grandma) wants to borrow ours, she’s more than welcome to add a fresh infusion to her look, too. A wrap top is a unique piece of clothing that takes its shape by being wrapped around the body and being secured with a series of knots, either on the side, the front, or the back. It can come with sleeves of any length, or it may come without sleeves at all. It is versatile in its form-fetidness, as the wearer can decide how tightly she wishes to tie her wrap, and it generally sports a low neckline that crosses over the body, giving it a curved, well-defined look.