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As the color of sun, yellow means hope, confidence, optimism and happiness. Match the sun in yellow shades! Yellow sunglasses are indispensible for every fashion conscious person. Firstly, bright yellow makes you look energetic. We can't resist the must-haves. Bright yellow can always put you in a good mood. Secondly, yellow sunglasses apply to both indoors and outdoors. Sunglasses with yellow frames or yellow lenses match well with a sunny day. They can make you attractive and eye-catching at any time wherever you are. Apart from that, surveys shows that sunglasses with yellow lenses are the best choice when you need to protect your eyes from being hurt by sunshine and ultraviolet rays. Lenses with dark color will make things dark and enlarge your pupilla, but yellow or tawny lenses won’t. They absorb blue and ultraviolet light then offer depth and contrast in conditions that are otherwise stressful on your eyes. That is why yellow lenses are the choice of many people who work outdoors. All in all, a pair of oversized sunglasses with yellow lenses would be the best and simple essential in our daily life. Follow eyewear trends closely and choose a perfect pair of yellow sunglasses for yourself!