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A list of must haves in every girl’s closet should include a lace jacket. Having lace jacket as part of your wardrobe is a great investment especially when you need something to wear during events and parties. Simple, beautiful, elegant and breathtaking are some of the words that can be used to describe this outfit if executed in style. The value that a lace fabric adds to the entire look is unbelievable yet real. Lace will always bring out the softer side of a woman. It symbolizes elegance and grace and often associated to high class women. Always keep a lace jacket to match your ordinary strapless and spaghetti dress. Pairing a beautiful lace jacket with a backless, plain gown or a noddle strap gown or a tube topped gown is a great way to add feminism to the dress. If one decides to opt for a simple tiara or a netted veil, then, this outfit can sure be talk of the town for several days. Since lace jackets generally include a certain amount of embroidery, keeping the accessories minimalistic is a great way to make the look very elegant.