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Black, is a symbol of elegant and mysterious! It’s always on trend which has been living in the unbeaten status. Whether it is clothing or accessory, also shows the beauty of women's modesty! Especially for the combination of cloth, it appears to be very important and prominent! For women, the belts have been more important than pants and jewelry, the most important is that it has a good body sculpting effect. But it is not easily to be mix well. In addition, with the same color as any clothing belt, you can receive both changes and harmonization effect. In fashion, black represents a stable, dignified style. Furthermore, women also wear belts to show their perfect curve. Since ancient times, men is always pursue the waistline. So how to be a waistline, to attract your lovers’attention? The secret is: a black belt!! Whether it is a simple shopping or attending a magnificent party, Just have an appropriate black belt, So no matterr you are skinny Or Fengyun, you can make yourself beautiful. The reason why Black Belt can create a waistline has three reasons. First: the body belt can be "golden". Such that your body will soon become the golden ratio 0.618, your body will soon appear harmonious symmetry up. Second, Belt can increase a woman's personality and charm. You can mot only make your lover surprise, but also that your dress icing on the cake. Last,Black belt can create a "downsizing" Vision. Black is a kind of Convergence color, also can give you a mysterious momentum.