We're here, we're bored and have tons of makeup and beauty samples to try out. While most of the work week entails that we're just doing lighter makeup looks, easygoing hair and calling it a day, it can be nice to go all out every once in a while. Go on, grab those all those cute and random makeup samples you've been hoarding and let's get to work!
Anyone who's been paying attention to beauty videos in the last few years knows this – the e-beauty community is hooked on the glossy eye look. I mean why not, it' just flattering on everyone. The best part is, it just takes a tiny bit of a product that most of us have already -yup, you guessed it – lip balm! Go grab some Vaseline, some of that Rosebud lip salve or anything with a nice shine to it, and use it like you would a highlighter. Show some glow on those lids, nose, your Cupid's bow, and on the cheekbones. 
Hello, Euphoria fans. Lining your lids with bright neons and cute pastels is most definitely the move of 2020. If you're feeling brave, go for a neon yellow, orange, or blue tone to really feel like summer's on.
Apply your blush as an eye color or even on your lips! Tip: use a product that's multi-purpose, like the cream blush sticks. It's so easy to pat a natural looking flush to your cheeks, deepen your eyes, and even bring out that pout.
There's something about using pearls and glitter on everyday makeup that calls for a selfie. The key is to go for a pretty neutral base and then bring out your eyes with metallic glitters and some fun DIY jewel stick-ons (you can easily find these online.)
Okay this one sounds crazy but hear us out: use your favorite lipstick or lip balm, then go for a nice peach shimmer eyeshadow as a top layer. Use a clean brush and tap some of the shadow onto your lip product, then blend out with your finger. You'll end up with super cute ombre and shiny, kissable lips.
This one blew my mind on TikTok. Here's how to use this trick: be sure to use a good moisturizer beforehand. Use a translucent or close to skin tone matching powder and gently apply with a face brush or beauty blender. Then go in with concealer and foundation – your makeup will last so much longer and you don't get any of the shine!

We hope you liked these tips and tricks, and can't wait to share what we have next. Stay cute and stay safe, babes!