We're dreaming about vacation – for real. I know what you're thinking, um is that even okay to do right now? Well, with the most recent updates from the CDC and WHO, it's recommended for people to maintain better health by keeping our minds and bodies active, and going outdoors. Keeping in mind social distancing of 6 feet, you can mask up and visit local state parks, go to the movies, see the ocean, and more!
Do a little research and see where your closest state park is! A lot of these have opened up again thanks to health organization recs, and this is the your chance to see summer beauty in its natural state.  Also, this should go without saying, but don't go to an overcrowded park, and definitely don't go if you're feeling sick or have a temperature.
I don't know about you, but I miss really watching movies on the big screen! And eating overpriced popcorn. (My secret: adding BYO chili powder.) Well now, in certain areas across the country people are able to visit a drive thru (limited times and theatres) and watch a movie, throwback style. Be sure to park your car about 10 ft from others, social distancing isn't an option. Oh, and be sure to bring your fave drinks and snacks – and enjoy your movie!