Hey, it's officially July, the hottest month of summer. (Unless you're in SoCal, that might be more like October but I digress.) And while many of our plans are on hold, we're still going to reach for these swimsuits styles to add to our rotation of weekend beach time, rooftop tans, and poolside hangs. They're effortlessly cute, IG photoshoot ready and have the"I'm ready for anything” fashion vibe that this year has basically put us into. Use SPF (or opt for self-tan color) liberally - things are about to get hotter.
There's a reason why these eye-catching shades get all the likes on Instagram. Take Hailey Bieber for example – her hot Triangl number is an endlessly flattering cut and brings out her perfect golden tan skin.
Some strappy action is always cute on a swimsuit – and these are bringing back us 80s vibes, a la Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. I would totally pair this with a miniskirt cover-up and wear it after being in the water.