In a world that's grown increasingly chaotic, uncertain and demanding, I've found that it's helpful to re-center your day to day with small self-affirming rituals. Actions speak louder than words, and with repetition, can allow you to create a space for you to improve daily habits, start new hobbies, and achieve better wellness as a whole.
But first, coffee. (Or tea, for non-coffee folks.) When I wake up for work during the week. I like to start with making sure my kitchen and workspace area is tidy – I call this the "café corner". Then I put on fresh ground coffee – made with a stovetop Italian Bialetti espresso maker. I love that it was given to me for my birthday a few years ago – and it's never failed me! I try to only use good coffee, because the flavor is unmatched (Illy works well for me, and comes vacuum sealed in a collectible tin.) Use fresh, filtered water that's cold – it's important for the water to boil. While coffee is heating on the stove, I usually take my shower. By the time I'm changed and ready for my outfit of the day, the coffee has brewed! There really is nothing like delicious espresso (plus almond milk and honey) to get you motivated and feeling good in the morning.
Yoga is one of my favorite forms of exercise because it truly accommodates people of all ages and fitness ranges. It's a great way to stretch, breathe, and practice mindfulness! Some of my favorite local yoga studios (Kinship in Los Angeles) offer hot yoga, a slightly more rigorous practice involving doing the yoga poses in a heated room (often 100 degrees or hotter). But that's not for everyone – and during quarantine I've been able to do zoom yoga instead. Show up for your local studio and meet them on your level. Close your eyes. Breathe, stretch, pose, repeat. You are exactly where you need to be.