In a well-timed article this March, the New York Times did an essay on the topic of “cottagecore,” aka grandmacore, farmcore, or countrycore to those in the know. The artful, retro aesthetic fills our Instagram and TikTok feeds, with girls in calicoed prairie dresses, wildflower sunsets, hand-painted lawn gnomes, and absolutely stunning picnic spreads. We’re now seeing how the DIY farmgirl aesthetic is so useful during these days of the pandemic, and love how it makes doing everyday stuff, well, cuter. Take a peek at some of our favorite picks from our own summer collection – perfect for staring at sunsets, swapping homemade bread recipes, and having a countryside picnic in your own yard.
A gorgeous, oh-so-flowy prairie dress that you can wear while picking wildflowers and berries.
Being at home during quarantine means you get to wear whatever you want. Bonus: this timeless muumuu style is perfect for midday naps.