With masks as the new norm, our eyes are now taking center stage every time we step out. So, we’ve compiled a list of makeup looks to try dress them up for their new leading role on your face.
In a world where flawless complexions and blinding highlights were everything, the year 2020 turned the makeup community upside down with our now every day, law-abiding accessory: the face mask. With the mandate of these new everyday accessories arose the hard-hitting question: is makeup suddenly obsolete? The concern is valid given that half of our face is covered every time we walk out the door, leaving the only time to really glam up to Zoom dates and 5-people or less get-togethers. Luckily, makeup lovers are crafty die-hards and the end of makeup is nowhere in sight—it’s just being reimagined with our eyes at center stage. Which also means the Shakespearian expression, “the eyes are the windows to the soul” has never been truer. So, we’ve compiled a list of makeup looks you should try (and how to do them) to dress your eyes up for their new leading role on your face.
A modern spin on the heavy liner look of the ‘60s, this trend uses minimal, lightweight lines. The trick is to lightly swipe your favorite liner color above the crease of your lid for a ‘floating’ effect. Makeup-doers either wear the line alone or pair it with another line across their upper or lower lash line. Either way, it’s cute, fun, and a perfect match for your mask!
This trend first hit the makeup scene back in 2017 and has been an effortless favorite ever since. Start off by picking your eyeshadow base—whether it be metallic, matte, or shimmer—and apply it to your lids. Then, take your standard clear lip gloss and tap it on top using your ring finger. This look is simple, sophisticated, and makes you look like a makeup pro!
Your Insta explore page is most-likely flooded with this trend as it’s really just became a major thing this year. The best thing about it is that you can achieve it two ways: with falsies or colored mascara. Whichever method you choose, the look is cool, unexpected, and definitely a head-turner.
This trend mixes the sharpness of a classic wing with bright, neon colors for something that’s a little different. If you aren’t blessed with the steady hand of a surgeon like most wing experts, you can use tape or a liner stamp to achieve this sharp, colorful look.
The brows are the frame of the face and they can either make or break or your look! The goal for these babies is to have them shaped and full-looking to give you that wow-factor. The best way to do this is with a brow pencil or brush-cream combo. Start off by outlining the lower part of your brows with a swift, defining line. Then, finish them off by filling them in with light, hair-like strokes.

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