Yes, we miss our friends! With the nature of indoor hangs as feeling risky with loved ones and friends, we thought it might be good to take the fun outside. Pack a wicker basket, grab that portable Bluetooth speaker, your fave sunbathing outfit and shades you’ll want to take pics in. Remember to picnic responsibly!
Honestly, I’m all about the views. Whether this means I’m sunbathing all day or grabbing a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic till sunset, I prefer to snack and see something that’s natural, or by a body of water. (Lake or oceanside anyone?) I’m lucky to live close to hiking trails and state parks, but my tree-filled backyard does in a pinch. All you really need is some shade for when it gets too hot, or at least wait until the sun isn’t directly overhead. Don’t have much of a view? No worries, just add some cute plant and floral arrangements as a display for your picnic to act as your eye candy.
It is totally worth it to invest in a cute picnic or outdoor blanket that doesn’t snag easily on rocks, sand or debris. My favorite is the tight-weave knit style blanket because they’re durable and soft to sit on. You can even go for a more bedding-style blanket that’s soft and plush to enjoy your picnics.
Picnics aren’t complete with an assortment of Insta-worthy finger foods and delicious treats. You eat with your eyes, no? I personally love making deviled eggs, some kind of bread, prosciutto, and cheese spread, fruit, hummus, and plenty of chips – any food that feels colorful and fun to eat.
What music have you been into lately? I love that new artists during the quarantine have been popping up on my feed, and new collabs are always happening. Make yourself a fun little picnic playlist to share with your picnic friends. Even better? Bring a speaker with you to the picnic so you can have the tunes play in the background.
Two words: pink lemonade. You can make it yourself by adding some crushed strawberries and juice to a mixture of fresh lemon juice, honey or sugar, add water and voila, you’re a mixologist. Or for the one-step crowd, you can always opt for the store bought version. Bonus points if you like to add sparkling cider or rose wine. Drink umbrellas and crazy straws optional!
Okay, last but definitely not least – make sure your picnic is complete with something Instagrammable. Maybe color coordinate with the pink lemonade. There’s always 90s inspired cropped baby tees and jean shorts. Or maybe you’ll go dreamy prairie vibes (hello, cottagecore?) or modern boho. Either way, we think you’ll find something you love here.