Yes, we miss our friends! With the nature of indoor hangs as feeling risky with loved ones and friends, we thought it might be good to take the fun outside. Pack a wicker basket, grab that portable Bluetooth speaker, your fave sunbathing outfit and shades you’ll want to take pics in. Remember to picnic responsibly!
Honestly, I’m all about the views. Whether this means I’m sunbathing all day or grabbing a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic till sunset, I prefer to snack and see something that’s natural, or by a body of water. (Lake or oceanside anyone?) I’m lucky to live close to hiking trails and state parks, but my tree-filled backyard does in a pinch. All you really need is some shade for when it gets too hot, or at least wait until the sun isn’t directly overhead. Don’t have much of a view? No worries, just add some cute plant and floral arrangements as a display for your picnic to act as your eye candy.