Okay, we l-o-v-e our pets. They're pretty much like our kids or a loved one.  And while they're super adorable, furry, and cuddly, they can be a handful, especially during periods of lockdown. Maybe your pet has become highly energetic and won't stop running or pacing the house. Or maybe the opposite – they're snoozing for hours at a time. Overall, when pets are not used to seeing you for more than 8 hours straight, well they might be just a tiny bit confused. In celebration of our SHEIN Pets launch, we found a few cute ways to keep your pets (and everyone) feeling great! Paws-itive vibes only.
Food is one of the main ways you can bond with your pet, aside from petting or cuddling with them. They know that when it's time to eat, it's also a sign that they get to hang out with you (even if it doesn't seem like it, i.e. when they're scarfing their chow down.) Be sure to reward your pet when they do something good!
Believe it or not, but pets love learning new things. Like us humans, it's good for their minds and bodies to stay active, especially during times of stress. Play fetch, use your kitty clicker training, and reinforce obedience training with treats and cuddles. There's plenty of YouTube videos that demonstrate great new tips for training pets as well – have fun with it!
For longer-haired cuties, feel free to use the scissors and snip where there might be excess furriness! For those that want the close shave feel, maybe try an electric shears set that helps get the fur to one level evenly. We've had some friends trim and paint their dogs toe nails, and we have to say it looks majorly cute. You can also purchase nail tips for pets – they effectively cover the nail so they're less likely to scratch and tear up the furniture.
Maybe that scratch post is looking a bit ratty. Or their favorite blanket/pillow/bed is wearing out from use. You've been revamping and reorganizing your home, why don't you try renovating your pet's digs? Cats LOVE boxes – try setting up a cute little nook within a box, or try putting up a new cat post to see what they think. For our pups – well, the cuddlier the better. Having a blanket to have your pet sleep on is crucial to making them feel safe and cozy. Be sure to wash and clean these often, since pet hair and dander can collect and cause allergies in your home.
We're so proud that we launched our SHEIN Pets collection – for all the animal and furbaby lovers out there. Check out our latest products for grooming, pet care supplies, and of course, pet fashion!